Silly Silly Silly (as Douglas and the Can​-​Do's)

by Sir Richard Wentworth



60s/70s Bubblegum-style song written by Sir Richard for use in a film project currently in development.


Silly Silly Silly
That's how I feel
When I ask you out on a date
but I'm sittin' at the movies
with an empty seat
'Cause you're 90 minutes late

Silly Silly Silly
'Cause I thought you were keen
To share a kiss or three
Like the stars who chase each other
'cross the silver screen
Aw, but silly silly me.

I bought a new pair of pants
and a new pair of shoes
And a stylish shirt from Sears
But if my sweetheart won't give me
the time of day
then all I'll be wearin' is tears

Silly silly silly
As I hear the news
That you were hit by a delivery truck
As you were walking 'cross the street
towards the picture shows
Oh well, now isn't that such silly luck

I guess you loved me after all
despite my silly ideas
and it was me you were gonna meet
I'm still upset that you're dead,
but silly silly me
I got such silly tappin' feet!
Let's tap!

(Tap dance interlude)

Aw, silly silly silly silly silly me,
Silly silly silly me.


released December 31, 2012
Written and performed by Sir Richard Wentworth



all rights reserved